What is an eCard (E-Card)

E-Card or as sometimes referred to as eCard is an electronic greetings card usually used to congratulate someone. It can also be used to wish them well over a particular holiday. To find out why you should use E-Cards please visit our article on the matter. However, in this post we will look at what is an E-Cards and what makes a good one.

You can sent an E-Card over email, text message, WhatsApp or any other e-communication method. They are usually in the form of a picture which represents the card, followed by a message. Some E-Card designs can be interactive and play as video or GIF. They could incorporate sound, music or be customised to contain personal details such as an image or personalised text.

Night Oscar E-Card Designs

At Night Oscar we have many designs and more being added all the time! With many different categories and many options for each, there should be an E-Card for any occasion. Therefore, please browse our website for your perfect card. A new post is written for every batch of new designs. Go check out our blog posts to catch up on previous card designs.

Thank you eCard

Thank you for reading this post and we leave you with this amazing thank you E-Card!

You can find all our cards here. The different card category options can be found here.

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