It Is Autumn, celebrate with E-Cards

Autumn has begun and the weather is starting to get colder. The days are getting shorter but one thing has not changed. Our desire to send cards to our friends and family! Is it their birthday? No matter what the occasion you should try E-Cards. They provide a free and carbon natural way of wishing your friends and family holiday greetings.

At Night Oscar we have many different E-Card designs, with many more coming every week. You can view our collection here. To see new designs as soon as they come out please visit our Twitter or Instagram pages.

Night Oscar Logo
Night Oscar Logo – Free E-Cards

Night Oscar aims to reduce waste produced by normal cards. While they can be very personal, traditional cards produce waste and are usually created using paper. By using E-Cards you are saving trees that would otherwise be cut down, and avoiding creating waste that normal cards create once they outlast the event.

Our E-Cards can be very personal and achieve the same level of satisfaction as a traditional card. Users are able to customise the message and title of the cards allowing you to send any message to your loved ones. We hope you can find the perfect E-Card. Let us know if we are missing certain types of designs and we will try to add the as soon as possible.

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Creator and owner of Night Oscar. I am a Software Engineer that is passionate about Eco-friendly projects that help make our lives more sustainable.

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