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Currently the Night Oscar website is still not being publicised on any social media or other sources. This is due to us not being completely ready yet. Site functionality is working, however, we do not yet have the catalogue size of eCard designs that we would like. We will gradually release new eCard designs as they become available, which brings us to our first blog post where we will talk about the first designs!

The first batch of eCards contain two categories: “Birthday” and “Thank you”. This batch contained 10 eCard designs, six and four respectively.

The screen clippings above are from the the birthday cards part of this set of card releases. There is a verity of happy, funny and standard cards. Birthday cakes and candles are a classing birthday card. A card without any writing on it is also include and therefore can be used to send to anyone. The 404 birthday card is funny and fits in well with the eCard theme. You can view these and any future birthday cards here: . Hope you enjoy them and make your loved ones smile, any suggestions of future cards please send to us via our social media or support emails.

Thank you eCards

As for the thank you cards, we have a preliminary four designs that we are planning on building on top of. There is a funny one, a couple of standard thank message cards fit for anyone and a play on word card.

As you can see the first two images above showcase two plain thank you cards that can be used to send to anyone just so that you can thank them for something they have done for you. Dino-Mite thanks card is funny and playful and can be sent to anyone who you think is awesome. “Thanks a bunch” is play on words card covered with bunch of bananas. You can find these and any future thank you cards here:

Please send any design suggestions to us via our social media accounts or support email and we hope these first sets of cards will make your loved ones smile!

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Creator and owner of Night Oscar. I am a Software Engineer that is passionate about Eco-friendly projects that help make our lives more sustainable.

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